Employment Insurance Refunds

for family Members. Don't pay if you don't have to!!


Recover potentially thousands of dollars invested in Research & Development!!

SR&ED (Research & Development): SR&ED

SR&ED is a highly specialized, technical area of refund opportunity. Many companies are unaware that they could qualify for this type of refund because they do not feel that they are doing any type of SR&ED. Our experience has shown us that as long as the company has undertaken to develop a new product, product/improvement, new or innovative concept or development and improvement of in-house production equipment there is an excellent chance of the SR&ED claim being successful.

Corporate Tax Credits

Don't miss out on corporate tax credits available to you. These are time sensitive and must be applied for within strict deadlines.

GST/HST, PST, QST, Workplace Safety, Customs Duty

Within these areas there are key refund opportunities. Make sure you are taking advantage of them.